Burying or Cremation Options for your Pet.


This page is to try and clarify what your options are, after your pet has died or been “put-to-sleep”.  We hope to explain the process so it is one less thing for you to worry about.



Home Burial.


You are welcome to take your pet/keep at home with you to bury.  As long as you own the land this is not a problem.  For cats and smaller dogs this is usually quite a feasible option and we are able to supply a cardboard “coffin” if this helps.  There is a small charge for the coffins if you request one.


Practically speaking, you need at least a foot of soil to go above where you bury your pet.  We also suggest avoiding lining or wrapping your pet with anything that isn't going to breakdown with nature (ie avoid plastic etc).  Lining the burial area with newspaper is a good idea.  We also suggesting putting something over the top of the burial area such as a piece of wood or concrete slab etc, just to prevent the area being disturbed by wildlife.



Individual Cremation.


If you would like your pet cremated and the ashes returned to you, we can arrange this. We use a small family run pet crematorium called Lawnhill Pet Crematorium based in Northamptonshire. They will collect your pet from our surgery or from your home by prior arrangement.  If your pet was “put to sleep” at home, we are able to take your pet back to the surgery, and Lawnhill will collect from us.


With the individual cremation – you can choose between a Scatter Pot (which is nice if you want to scatter or bury the ashes) or a Wooden Casket (with optional Nameplate).  The latter is more appropriate if you would like to keep the ashes long term.


The ashes are returned to us three times a week by Lawnhill. Once they are back we will give you a ring and let you know that they are ready to collect.  We do try to avoid leaving answering machine messages as this can be quite impersonal, so please ensure that we have the correct telephone number on our system.  Let us know if there is a particular number you would/would not like to be called on.


Lawnhill also do have a picturesque area of land set aside on their premises, and you are able to ask for the ashes to be scattered here if you do not want the ashes returned back to you.  See their website for further details.  They are also able to make Garden Plaques with a nameplate engraved on.  These can be personalised and can be nice if you want to scatter/bury the ashes and mark the location.




Standard Cremation.


Lawnhill are able to able to offer a general cremation service too.  They will collect your pet from our surgery and he/she will be cremated properly, but it will be with other pet animals.  Afterwards, the ashes are collected and then disposed of.  With this option they are not scattered or returned to the owner.





For Home Burial, there is obviously no fee (unless you have requested a coffin).  The Standard Cremation is invoiced by ourselves and so can be paid at the same time as the euthanasia bill.


For people that chose the Individual Cremation, this invoice will be enclosed with your pets ashes when he/she is returned back to you.  You will need to pay Lawnhill direct and you can do this over the phone or can send them a cheque.  Full details will be enclosed along with your pet’s ashes.


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*Prices Correct as of May 2017

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